Organic Herbal Teas

When you want healthy hot drinks that support your health and wellness goals, you need herbal tea from the Rokit Health collection. Our organic herbal drinks collection includes a range of delicious flavours packed into biodegradable pyramid tea bags, picked for their flavour and wellbeing benefits.

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Herbal Teas

From soothing lemon balm tea to help you drift off to sleep, to smooth cornsilk tea believed to support heart health, our range includes a whole host of healthy teas designed to be enjoyed any time of day. Whether you’re looking to cut back on the amount of caffeine you drink, or just want to mix things up with every tea break, there’s sure to be a flavour in our healthy hot drinks collection to suit you.

Need a warming brew toy get you off to a great start in a morning? Try age-old favourite dandelion tea – long used as a flavoursome alternative to coffee. With a rich, smooth flavour and silky texture, our organic dandelion root tea is the perfect pick me up, without the caffeine kick.

Want a soothing hot drink to help you wind down at the end of a busy day? Brew up a cup of soothing chamomile tea before bed to help you prepare for a great night’s sleep. Need something to sip after dinner? Try a fragrant spearmint tea – the perfect alternative to a caffeine-heavy brew – or age-old favourite mullein tea, made from vibrant mullein leaves, believed to aid better digestion after a meal. Been living the high life and need to detox? Brew up a cup of sweet and peppery burdock root tea, believed to help eliminate toxins from the blood – plus it tastes delicious too.

For an anytime tea packed with antioxidants, try a mug of chaga mushroom tea – a rich, earthy brew with just a touch of vanilla. Or for a healthy tea blend that tastes great with honey and lemon, switch out your standard cuppa for a warming mug of mugwort tea.

Our pyramid tea bags are designed to give you maximum flavour with minimum impact on the environment, as they’re all biodegradable, compostable and bleach and plastic free. The pyramid design lets the natural flavours in our healthy teas really shine, giving you maximum flavour to enjoy any time of day. So, if you’re looking to cut back on caffeine or want to expand your herbal teas collection to keep brew breaks interesting, there’s sure to be a healthy tea in the collection for you.