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Super healthy organic drinks

From Vitamin Coffee to Matcha Green, from Barley Coffee to Turmeric Latte, Rokitpods are super healthy organic drinks at a touch of the button. These Nespresso compatible drink pod come in a range of flavours, making a good healthy organic cuppa even easier. Our pods are now compostable or recyclable making them eco-friendly and the right choice for our planet. 

Organic Superfood Drink Nespresso Pods

Want super healthy organic drinks with all of the taste but none of the fuss? Brew up a better version of your usual cup of tea or coffee with Rokit Health organic drinks pods. From matcha green tea to turmeric latte, all perfectly packaged in pods that fit into your Nespresso machine, our healthy hot drinks are ready in seconds and bursting with flavour.

Most superfood drinks mean hard work for you - grinding, whisking and scouring specialist shops for the best ingredients. But with our healthy hot drinks pods, we’ve done all the hard work for you. No blending, no frothing, no kitchen cupboards full of powders and herbs. Just easy to use pods packed with the best ingredients for superfood drinks without the hassle. Our healthy hot drinks pods are designed to give you the perfect flavour, texture and consistency, all at the flick of a button. So, whether you’re after a wonderfully frothy turmeric latte, a perfectly smooth matcha green tea or a barley coffee that’s packed with flavour, just pop in a pod, choose your favourite mug and you’re good to go.

Choose from classic healthy hot drinks like matcha green tea or barley coffee, or switch things up with our delicious combinations of superfood coffee and tea, with innovative flavours created just for you. Want more good stuff in your cup? Why not try our matcha and turmeric tea, which combines antioxidant matcha green tea benefits with the soothing spice of warm, fragrant turmeric. Or for a matcha tea with a chocolatey kick, why not try our matcha and cacao latte – the perfect pick me up with no blending, whisking or complicated prep required. Tastes great on its own or blended with a little warm, frothy oat milk for an authentic barista-style coffee taste.

All our organic drinks pods are compostable or recyclable, meaning you can choose convenience and caring for the planet with no compromises. Can’t decide which flavour to try? Our variety bundle includes a selection of all our delicious healthy hot drink pods from barley coffee to VitaCoffee enriched with minerals and vitamin D, so you can try them all and see which is your favourite. Whether you want a healthier alternative to tea and coffee or want organic drinks that complement your health goals, our superfood drinks pods give you so many options to make every tea break that little bit more special.