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Artisio Pod Machine + Variety Pod Bundle

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ATRTISIO POD MACHINE + VARIETY POD BUNDLE - This is the perfect ALL INCLUSIVE bundle option to ensure you have everything you need to create a healthy drink at the touch of a button.  Included is an Artisio Pod Machine and 6 flavours x 10 pod packs.  Pod flavour included are: Matcha Green Tea, Matcha & Turmeric, Matcha & Cacao, Turmeric Blend, Barley Coffee, and VitaCoffee Minerals + Vit D.

NOTE - Artisio machines are designed to specifically work with Rokit pods and capsules.  We cannot guarantee that pods or capsules from other brands will work in these machines.


    For a lovely cup of something special and healthy whenever you want and it suits, simply pop the preferred pod into your Artisio machine, turn on, and its done.


    Each pod contains quality vegan, organic ingredients in them, providing the quality of drink you require.


    Simple, minimal, beautifully functional, the Artisio is the ideal companion for home or workplace, delivering the perfect hot drink from Rokit Pods capsules at the touch of a button.  Making the process exquisitely simple, Artisio allows you to programme the cup size and choose from different options before the magic starts.  Machine features as follows:-

    • Suitable for Creating Beverages With Rokit Pods and Capsules.
    • 19 Bar High Pressure Pump.
    • Easily Programmable Cup Size.
    • Large Removable 0.8L Water Tank.
    • Rinse Cleaning Function.
    • Large Used Pod Compartment.