5 Easy Ways to Look After Yourself And Your Loved Ones

Text - 5 Easy Ways to Look After Yourself And Your Loved Ones

This week in the build up to #WorldHelloDay, we’ve been sharing some simple things we can all do to look after ourselves and our loved ones. With lockdown looming and the dark nights glooming its especially important to think about our mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are 5 few simple things you can do:

1. Get outside and stretch your legs. Even just a quick walk in the fresh air can really help to clear your head.

2. Switch off your screens. Switching off from work can be hard especially when working from home so try and have some time away from your screen when you can.

3. Reduce your caffeine intake. It is believed caffeine can increase your anxiety levels as well as cause trouble sleeping. Try swapping to a caffeine free alternative like our barley coffee or turmeric blend.

4. Put pen to paper. Making a note of how you are feeling can be a great way to acknowledge your mental and physical wellbeing. You could try writing a list of jobs to help your productivity or jot down something you’re looking forward to to keep your spirits high!

5. Last but not least, say hello! If not today or tomorrow, at some point a ‘hello’ could save or change someones life forever, and it could even be yours. So go on, reach out and say hello!

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