Further Product & Flavour Information

Please see this Rokit Pods Product Info Leaflet for more information on each product and flavour including what they will taste like.

Which machines are Rokit Pods compatible with?
Our pods work with any machine that is compatible with Nespresso Original pods. This does not include the Nespresso Vertuo machines.

What are your pods made from?
Our pods are completely plastic free and made from a renewable raw material.

How do I dispose of the pods?
Our pods are fully compostable and can be disposed of in your food waste compost bin. Some of our pods have an aluminium foil lid, in this case please remove and recycle the foil and then place the pod in your compost bin as normal.

Where should the pods be stored?
The pods will keep at their at their best when they are kept away from strong drafts, damp places, and heat sources.

How can I get the best drink from my pods?
Sometimes the powder in the pod may stick together slightly due the natural characteristics of some of these quality organic products, so  give the pod a quick shake to start. Place the pod in the machine carefully making sure it is in the correct position and push the handle/lever down firmly to ensure the pod pierces fully. Select your desired drink size, wait for the machine to heat up and press the button. And just like that, you’ve got a delicious, organic, healthy hot drink!

About Our Subscription Service
Our subscription is a great way to keep your drink pods on order without the need to reorder every month and get a great discount too. Simply choose your favourite flavours and how long you want the subscription to last, add them to your basket and checkout. You will then be sent a confirmation email. This allows you to change your subscription or cancel at any time. 

Is the subscription just for new customers?
No, whether you’re new to Rokit Pods or an established Rokit Pods lover looking to explore further, you can enjoy all the benefits of a Rokit Pods subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, your plan lasts as long as you continue to make your monthly payments. If you decide your Rokit Pods Subscription  is not for you then you can terminate it at any time without penalty. Simply use your confirmation email to cancel at any time. 

How do I manage my subscription?
Simply click on manage my subscription in your confirmation email to change your flavours or cancel your subscription.