Our Top 3 Detox Drinks

Person - Our Top 3 Detox Drinks

Now, by ‘detox’ we don’t mean extreme diets or limiting yourself; it’s about supporting your body to do what it does naturally, and you can do that by making a few simple changes every day.

There are lots of ingredients in nature that can support your body to work better, by giving organs like the liver a chance to recover and even helping them cope better with what you put in your body afterwards. Of course, it’s best to have a balanced diet and care for your body all year round, but when you do need to give your body a boost, there are a few natural tricks you can turn to.

Here are our favourite natural detox drink ingredients:

#1. Dandelion

They might not be a welcome visitor on your lawn, but dandelions have been used in traditional remedies for centuries. These vivid yellow flowers, their leaves and roots have historically been used to reduce bloating (they’re thought to be a diuretic) as well as helping improve liver function, which supports your body to recoup and recover. Some people believe it can help your digestion and relieve constipation, helping your body to get back on track when it needs a little extra help. You can even roast dandelion root and grind it up into a tasty caffeine free alternative to coffee.

#2. Burdock

You’re probably more familiar with burdock as a partner to dandelion, brewed into a sugary, fizzy drink. But burdock root has far more uses, and is an important ingredient in traditional remedies designed to help detoxify the body. Burdock contains natural antioxidants, which can help your body to recover by repairing and regenerating cells. Many people believe it to have anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s often taken by people with arthritis to relieve their symptoms. Like dandelion, it’s believed to help with fluid retention, acting as a diuretic to encourage you to urinate more, and an aid to digestion, helping your gut to do what it needs to do.

#3. Turmeric

This simple store cupboard ingredient has seen a real surge in popularity in recent years thanks to its potentially health-enhancing properties. Believed to have anti-oxidant properties that can improve your skin (it’s been used in India as a topical skin treatment for centuries) and anti-inflammatory effects that can support your joints, muscles and digestion, there’s no wonder turmeric is on the menu in even mainstream cafes and health food stories. Turmeric is a much-loved family remedy in Indian homes, mixed with warm milk to cure any ill, or paired with hot water, lemon and honey as an everyday drink to promote all-round good health.

While none of these detox ingredients can cancel out a poor diet, too much caffeine or drinking too much, making small changes to your diet, like introducing drinks made from natural ingredients, can soon add up. Why not give it a go and see how much better you feel?