The History of Barley Coffee

Plant - The History of Barley Coffee
There’s nothing new about barley coffee, it’s been around for thousands of years since the Greeks and Romans drank it for its energising properties.

Barley coffee had its first big break in Italy, the land of coffee, during the Second World War. Tough trade sanctions meant that traditional coffee became a luxury item as it was extremely expensive and difficult to import. Made purely from ground and roasted barley, barley coffee was a cheap alternative that the Italians could make themselves. This trend spread across Europe but many countries abandoned the new alternative once economics improved. However, the barley drink remains extremely popular in Italy. ‘Caffe D’Orzo’ as it is known in Italy, is still widely loved as a healthier alternative to coffee. 

With no caffeine content the drink is also often enjoyed by children and those who avoid caffeine. As the drink is rich in starch, a carbohydrate that our body can easily digest, it releases a gradual dose of energy rather than the spikes you often get from caffeine.  

Barley coffee is becoming increasingly popular due to its health properties as a source of phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamins of group B and potassium. 

This delicious healthy alternative to coffee is now super easy to make with our Nespresso compatible pods. Just give the pod a shake, pop it into your machine and there you go, one beautiful cup of Caffe D’Orzo!
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