Top Health Trends for 2021

For many of us 2020 threw our expectations, priorities and goals out the window. But, it also gave us time to slow down, take a step back and reset. 2021 is all about getting back on your feet and doing what you can to make long lasting improvements to your wellbeing. Here's some of the trends set to stick around this year:

Introducing a flexitarian diet
We’re all familiar with vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians but what is a flexitarian? Well, it’s a bit of all of them. A flexitarian is someone who enjoys a mainly plant-based diet but will occasionally consume meat, fish and animal produce. The trend comes as people look  for diets that are healthier and better for the environment without the restriction. Flexitarian and plant based diets are also becoming a much easier option with supermarkets now offering a wider range of alternatives and recipe ideas.

Talking mental health
2020 has stressed the importance of speaking up about the struggles we are facing more than ever. Moving into 2021 we hope to see the taboo around mental health disappear even further. In particular, apps for mindfulness like Calm and Headspace are becoming an increasingly popular form of support for people. 

The CBD industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and we have no doubt this will continue throughout 2021. As people become more aware of the range of health benefits CBD provides its popularity is set to soar. And with so many new CBD products appearing from skincare to chocolate and of course CBD Nespresso Pods, it has never been easier to try.

Home workouts
This one has of course taken off throughout 2020 but it’s set to stick about. With gyms closing the UK in 2020 home gym equipment sales spiked by a massive 5813%. Technology is also catching up as workouts on YouTube and live workout groups through zoom become a regular part of our lives.

Embrace micro-changes 
New Years resolutions almost went out the window this year as people replace a lifestyle overhaul with ‘micro-changes’ instead. Making small easy and most importantly achievable steps towards your health and wellness goals is a great way to see long lasting results.