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what is burdock root?

With its spiky thistle-like appearance and vibrant purple flowers, burdock is a distinctive looking plant that grows all across Europe and Asia. It’s been used in traditional remedies for centuries, with the root, leaves and seeds all used. It’s related to artichoke and has a similar sweet, earthy flavour. You may have already tasted it, if you ever drank fizzy dandelion and burdock as a child.

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organic burdock root tea

how burdock root tea is made


digging out the goodness

Burdock root is used for making tea as this is where most of the goodness and flavour is.


naturally air dried

Once it’s been harvested, burdock root is left to air dry, locking in its rich, sweet flavour naturally


carefully ground

It’s then simply ground to release its natural flavour and bagged, ready to drop into a cup of hot water. 

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7 key burdock root benefits

Burdock has been used for centuries, believed to help your body to detox, relieve stomach issues and reduce inflammation. And while scientific testing is limited, its benefits have been passed down through the generations in traditional remedies like teas and skin treatments.

  • Natural antioxidants
  • Thought to help relieve stomach complaints
  • May reduce inflammation
  • Natural skincare
  • Could help lower blood sugar
  • Support detox
  • Natural cold remedy

how to drink your burdock root

Burdock tea requires little preparation – just combine your tea bag with freshly boiled water and leave to steep for between three and six minutes to release its sweet, earthy flavours. You can drink it hot or cold – just leave the bag in cold water for longer to let the flavour really develop.

​what will it taste like?

Burdock has a sweet, earthy taste that isn’t too overpowering - a little like an artichoke, which the plant is actually related to.

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