Making Hot Drinks Better For Our Planet

Making Hot Drinks Better For Our Planet

At Rokit Health we are committed to doing our bit to protect our planet.

Starting at the source.
Our drinks only contain organic, quality ingredients sourced from sustainable, ethical farms all over the world.

As organic as nature intended.
We never modify our ingredients by adding any chemicals, preservatives or flavourings. All ingredients are completely natural and organic, just as nature intended.

Plastic free & compostable.
Our Nespresso compatible pods are made from a plastic free, plant based material. Once you’re finished with them you can put them in your compost bin along with your food waste. You will see that some of our pods have an aluminium lid, this is just to ensure they produce the best drink possible but we are working on finding alternatives. With these pods, simply remove the aluminium lid and recycle it then you can pop the pod in the compost bin as usual.

Our teabags are all bleach-free, fully compostable and completely certified GMO free. Again, when you’ve made your delicious drink just pop the tea bag in your compost bin and you’re good to go. 

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