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what is sage?

Sage is a vibrant, earthy herb that you might be more familiar with in savoury dishes. But there’s so much more to this velvety green leaf. High in vitamin K and rich in antioxidants, this strong, earthy herb can be dried and drunk as a delicious herbal infusion, believed to help soothe your stomach and even act as a natural mouthwash.

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organic sage tea

how sage tea is made


a taste of sunshine

Sage grows best in full sunlight and grows quickly, spreading out to present its velvety leaves to the sun


naturally air dried

Once it’s been harvested, sage is collected in bunches and left to air dry, locking in its fragrant flavour naturally


carefully ground

It’s then simply ground to release its natural flavour and bagged, ready to drop into a cup of hot water.

the finest ingredients

7 key sage benefits

Sage may not have had the same rigorous scientific testing as green tea or matcha, but its therapeutic appeal over the centuries can’t be denied. Packed full of vitamins and minerals and loaded with natural antioxidants, sage is thought to have a number of soothing properties, plus it’s naturally caffeine free, so a much healthier choice than your usual cup of coffee.

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Thought to help lower cholesterol
  • Believed to kill microbes that cause plaque
  • Used to relieve symptoms of menopause
  • May boost memory and concentration
  • Naturally caffeine free

how to drink your sage tea

Sage tea is delicious on its own, steeped for between three and six minutes to really release its rich, minty flavours. Or, you could try it chilled with ice and a slice of lemon on a hot day for a delicious, refreshing drink. Find the taste a bit overpowering at first? You can add a dash of lemon juice and honey to your tea for a soothing bedtime brew.

​what will it taste like?

Sage has quite a distinctive taste with an earthy, lemony, almost menthol-like flavour. It’s part of the mint family, so is a great alternative if you already love mint tea.

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