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Matcha is a type of Japanese green tea. And unlike teas you might be familiar with that you get from tea bags or loose leaves, this unique type is finely ground, powdered green tea.  Find out more

  • TASTES: earthy with a sweet aftertaste
  • KNOWN FOR: High in Antioxidants Theanine


Turmeric or Curcuma longa is a spice that comes from the Turmeric plant. It is the roots of this plant that is used to make the spice Turmeric.
Find out more 

  • TASTES: mild and creamy
  • KNOWN FOR: Anti-inflammatory properties


Barley coffee, or Café D’orzo has quickly gathered a following with those seeking a caffeine free alternative to the daily espresso and is regaining its popularity today, for a healthier daily brew. Find out more

  • TASTES: Like coffee
  • KNOWN FOR: Caffeine free & aiding digestion


It’s said that Cacao is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet, and whilst we’ve got used to eating it as delicious chocolate, it’s also good to know you can enjoy it without the guilt! Find out more

  • TASTES: Like dark chocolate
  • KNOWN FOR: The most natural form of chocolate

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